News reporter mistakenly calls New Hampshire victor Bernie 'Sandwiches'

Louis Dor
Wednesday 10 February 2016 11:00

Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary with a 21 percentage point lead over his closest rival Hillary Clinton.

It is the largest margin of victory in a Democratic primary in the state in the modern era and a huge boost for his campaign to the White House.

However, one of the main focal points for social media was news outlets struggling with his surname.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly referred to the Democrat frontrunner as Bernie Sandals:

Bernie Sandals — Sanders — Sandals could catch on in the summer months!

Which someone should be making right about now:

Meanwhile Christopher Hayes of MSNBC referred to the candidate as "Bernie Sandwiches":

Watch the full clip, below:

Hayes then took to Twitter to defend the slip of the tongue...

...and Twitter replied as we all knew it would:

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