No, these are not the 50 signs that you have made it

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Thursday 04 December 2014 11:50

A survey of 2,000 people by home improvement firm (remember this bit, it is important) Synseal has reported back on the top 50 signs that a couple has 'made it'.

Included among the 50 are lots of status symbol products like wine cellars and driveways longer than 200 yards that could feasibly be seen to improve your home. Get it?

The same survey also claimed that one fifth of people felt pressure to 'make it' in life, while 41 was held up as the age you need to have 'made it' by in order to enjoy the trappings of having 'made it'.

For completion's sake, the 50 signs a couple have 'made it' are at the bottom of this article.

But here's an alternative list:

  1. You don't need to be in a relationship to have made it.
  2. Nor own a house.
  3. Nor be trying to improve it.
  4. But do be happy.
  5. Um.
  6. That's it.

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The 50 signs a couple have (apparently) 'made it':

  1. Holiday home
  2. Children go to public school
  3. Having a cleaner
  4. Having a nanny
  5. Frequent shopping trips to other cities
  6. Annual ski trips
  7. Pony riding lessons for the kids
  8. Have flown first class
  9. A driveway longer than 200 yards
  10. Wine cellar
  11. A summer house
  12. At-home gym
  13. Car for mainly weekend use
  14. Owning a sit on mower
  15. Personal number plate
  16. A hot tub
  17. Golf membership
  18. Enjoys sailing weekends
  19. A small orchard in the garden
  20. Home cinema system
  21. Has an orangery
  22. Shops at Waitrose
  23. Having electric garage doors
  24. A wet room
  25. Designer luggage
  26. Attending horse racing/Ascot every year
  27. A glazed conservatory
  28. Own an aga
  29. A TV larger than 55 inches
  30. Eat lobster
  31. His and her sinks
  32. Log burner
  33. A TV in every room
  34. Member of a tennis club
  35. Fridge with ice dispenser
  36. 400 thread count sheets
  37. Have a pedigree dog
  38. A wine cooler
  39. Takes the dog to doggy day care
  40. Takes the dog for treatments
  41. A Facebook page littered with foreign holiday pictures
  42. A golf handicap of under 15
  43. A lazy Susan
  44. Owns a picnic hamper
  45. Matching bathrobes
  46. Own many gilets
  47. Own cricket whites
  48. First name terms with the local vicar
  49. First name terms with the pub landlord
  50. Have 2,000 Twitter followers