Now you can dye your hair using a piece of glass and a paintbrush

Friday 18 September 2015 17:00

Chiala Marvici, a hairstylist from New York, is trailblazing a new way of colouring hair - and all you need is the dye, a paintbrush, and some glass.



She calls the beautiful technique, which can add several different tones at a time and involves no foils, 'hand pressing' - and the idea was inspired by a dream.

Chiala told Teen Vogue:

I have a beautiful painting that a friend of mine did and it has multiple layers of colours and I think a lot of times you see something during the day and you dream about it at night.

While I was sleeping, I saw these gorgeous transparent colors all living together and it inspired me to translate that into a hair colour technique that you can use in real life.

To achieve the shimmering effect, Chiala starts by painting stripes of the dye on a sheet of plexiglass with a paintbrush.


Sections of hair are then smoothed onto the piece of glass to ensure the colour reaches from root to tip.


Et voila!


H/T: Pixable

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