One mistake most people make when washing their hair

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Saturday 27 August 2016 10:20
Picture: Anna Omelchenko/iStock

Don't worry. This isn't a story in defence of white dreadlocks. According to this hair care expert, lots of people wash their hair with the wrong kind of shampoo .

Ricardo Vila Nova, a trichologist with clinics in the UK and Portugal is a specialist who employs DNA tests, pH balance indicators, laser stimulation and other techniques to improve his client's hair quality.

Speaking to indy100 Vila Nova explained that most people are not using the right shampoo for their scalp and hair type. Believing that one size fits all (or whatever is on offer will do) is a typical mistake people make when it comes to hair care.

Use the adequate shampoo according to your scalp type, but some shampoos when used frequently can remove the protective film of the scalp in excess promoting sensitivity.

To avoid this, Vila Nova offered this advice:

If the hair needs daily washing it is recommended to use a gentle cleansing shampoo as a base or a hypoallergenic for frequent use. If the scalp is dehydrated, frequent shampooing, even if not daily, can cause discomfort and a feeling and tightness on the scalp, it is recommended to use a moisturising formula to promote a layer of protection on the scalp, shampoo with natural oils like argan, macadamia and also Panthenol, or lactic acid are very beneficial and confronting for dry scalp.

Another problem is knowing how often you ought to wash your hair. Many people are unsure what determines it (though indy100's gut says if it feels dirty, then wash it). Vila Nova, being the expert, went on more than gut:

According to different hair and scalp types the washing frequency may vary as in some cases washing is essential due to high production of sebum or if the scalp sweats, but for the cases of very dry scalp and dry hair, washing frequently can cause some discomfort, promoting dehydration.

Scalp conditions like dandruff or sensitivity should be addressed with suitable products using a hypoallergenic cleansing base shampoo or scalp protection or ointments should be applied overnight before you wash the hair.

So, lather, rinse, but only repeat if you're scalp can take it.

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