One of the world's biggest ever photographs has a hilarious and slightly rude secret

Louis Dor
Tuesday 01 March 2016 10:30

The above photograph is of Shanghai's waterfront. It contains 24.9 billion-pixels in a full panorama of the Huangpu river and its surrounding area.

The company behind the shot, Big Pixel Studio, describes the image as “China’s first 10-billion pixel panoramic photo with more than 30 million page views.”

It also contains a little secret, found by the more eagle-eyed (or bored) of those who have already perused the image.

If you zoom in on the Pudong Shangri-La hotel...

Enhance. ENHANCE.

Picture: Big Pixel Studio


Picture: Big Pixel Studio

A man, talking on his mobile phone, completely stark naked.

What a life this is.

Let us know in the comments if you see any other goings on in the photo (but try to keep it PG).


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