These are the worst pains ever felt

Louis Dor
Thursday 09 November 2017 17:30
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If someone asks you the worst pain you've ever been in, it's probably not a hard question to answer.

Your mind will go back to among the worst moments in your life, and you'll know which of a number of them is the worst, instinctively.

You'll probably feel it again a little bit.

You may even be feeling it right now reading this pained setup.

Redditors were recently asked for the worst pain they'd ever experienced and duly responded:

1. A very recent experience

2. Trigeminal neuralgia

3. This is just bad parenting

4. A nightmare

5. Dangerous, but there's also probably a story to tell

6. How?

7. Oh goodness

8. It's not an "old person" thing

9. Everyone of a certain age knows how much wisdom teeth hurt. This is next level.

10. Oh come on, you did this to yourself!

11. Horrendous

12. Ouch

13. Finally, spot the 'philosopher'

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