Just how confused is this man about geography?

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 29 December 2016 09:45

On Facebook, there is a group called the “Politics and Sociology Confederacy”:

It has this as its banner image…

Yes, that is the flag of Isis at the bottom, and a Nazi eagle at the top...

Its "constitution" explains:

*We DO NOT bow to the will of Facebook's Terms of Service. Zuckerberg is our common enemy, he is to us what King George was to the American founding fathers. Facebook TOS is Orwellian and in violation of freedom speech, and thus we refuse to follow it.

On Boxing Day, a man called Caleb Harris II posted a map on the group. He questioned whether the Pearl Harbor attack actually happened:

His post coincided with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Hawaii this week, which marked the 75th anniversary of the attack and the start of US involvement in the Second World War.

Now, there are obviously several problems with his post:

  • The Pearl Harbor attack took place in 1941
  • They used aircraft carriers
  • Um, the Earth is not flat
  • Japan is not actually that far away from Hawaii

Here's a different angle from Google Maps...

Harris II's post was subsequently screengrabbed and has been shared thousands of times:

After being posted to Twitter, it was seen by thousands more:

Some people genuinely questioned his point:

There was a lot of mockery:

Others appeared to back his 'conspiracy':

And others made jokes:

So just how confused is Caleb Harris II about geography (and history)? His Facebook bio shows he likes to josh around:

And he’s also left some revealing comments since the post went viral…

Very revealing, in fact...

Harris told indy100 that he was flabbergasted how many people had shared the post:

I posted the photo in the Politics and Sociology group for a joke as it clearly isn't a very serious group, then Wednesday night it began popping up on my news feed and I started getting messages from people who took it too seriously.

I still am surprised at how many people took it seriously, it was intended to be a joke and so I am glad that many people have gotten a good laugh out of it.