People are sharing the most hilarious English translation fails

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 06 October 2016 10:30
(Picture: Christian Nasca/istock)

Despite leaps and bounds in technology, translating texts from one language to another still requires input from someone who speaks both the language you're translating from, and the language you're translating to.

Presenter and director Richard Osman’s daughter is in China, and she’s been sending him some…creative English translations.

Picture: Clive Rose/Getty(Picture: Clive Rose/Getty)

Osman tweeted his favourite, and people sent him ones they've seen too.

1. Potato groping is forbidden in China

2. This map assumes you are omnipresent

3. A French holiday apartment lets you play with your ‘private part’ so long as it doesn’t compromise the solidarity of the building…

4. Thailand’s Ikea – inspired dish

5. These uneducated bean sprouts from Beijing

6. Shanghai’s criminal dried bamboo shoot

7. This time-travelling sign from Turkey

8. These unfortunate mushrooms

9. This chicken

10. Mind-blowing water

11. This Taken scenario

12. These weird toilets

13. This bit of romance

14. This delicious-sounding dish

15. And finally, this coherent travel notice:

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