People are sharing what products really look like compared to their ads

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Monday 02 May 2016 15:00

Like President Nixon said, it's the lie that gets you.

We all know advertising is just selling us happiness, but there's a limit to how many more lies we can take. Especially when it concerns food.

1. One of your five a day

Picture: Rustybaker28/Reddit

2. I tort I saw a melted bird face

Picture: HullCityHateCrew/Reddit

3. Close encounters of the bloated kind

Picture: NomaD5/Reddit

4. His (Rabbit) Hole-y-ness

Picture: cyclelicious/Classic Mountain Bike Forums

5. Panda ice creams are also close to extinction

Picture: YouCantTakeMySoul/Reddit

6. To be fair this one is never as delicious as you'd hoped

Picture: WeightAndGlory/Reddit

7. Dressing like the inside of a Crunchie is so in

Picture: BridesBeware/BoredPanda

8. 'Meal' for one

Picture: theimpulsivebuy/Flickr

9. "You know what would make this better - less chocolate" said no-one ever

Picture: LadyNarwhal/Reddit

10. Don't disappoint the Fancy Beast in your life

Picture: Pumpernickleme/Reddit

11. Ice creams seem to be particularly deceptive

Picture: helliswaiting/Reddit

Thanks to Bored Panda, reddit and Ads vs Reality for shaming these monsters.

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