People are suggesting their own Olympic sports for consideration and they're hilarious

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 03 August 2016 18:40

The Olympics! A globe united! The great Athenian games bringing light into a darkened world. From this beacon comes forth some excellent internet humour.

The opening ceremony is on Friday, and ahead of this great occasion there have been some last minute appeals to the International Olympics Committee (IOC).

No, it's not for doping, but about new sports which really ought to be considered.

Twitter users have been using '#myolympicsportwouldbe' to make their suggestions. If the IOC is going to accept 'Handball', they can accept these ideas for goodness' sake.

Gut workouts

Feats of emotional strength

Contact sports


Solo sports

The Hept-sass-alon

Shot puns

Synchronised malarky

Javelin a laugh

Slalom shake

Good work everybody. Rio, we await your decision.

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