People just can't get over how sad this photo of a grandfather eating a burger is

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 18 March 2016 09:30
Picture: Kelsey Harmon/Twitter

Kelsey Harmon from Washington, Oklahoma visited her Grandfather for dinner earlier this week.

He had made 12 burgers, for the 6 grandchildren he was hoping to see.

Sadly, it seems Kelsey was the only one to get the invitation.

I'm the only one who showed ;( love him

She posted a photo of her disappointed grandfather, eating his burger alone, to Twitter

The reaction to the tweet, was pretty unanimous - an outpouring of sympathy and sadness

People were angry with the other grandchildren

There were tears

And broken hearts

Kelsey's tweet resonated with a lot of people

Some people wanted to be adopted by 'Papaw'

And wanted him to go on TV

And many memes were made

Kelsey has since been overwhelmed with people getting in contact

She posted an update on Friday morning explaining that 'Papaw' was fine and that she was amazed at the response she'd received

I have had many laughs at the memes and funny posts of my papaw. I've also had many, many messages telling me my post encouraged people everywhere to visit their grandparents. And that means so much to me.

And things ended on a very happy note

Thank you so much to everyone who was once concerned. All the tweets and posts are truly appreciated.

Papaw is great. Please know he is loved deeply, and now widely.

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