People love this low budget animal shelter advert

Wil Jones
Sunday 08 January 2017 10:00

Every dog or kitty deserves a good home.

Furkids Animal and Rescue Center is a rescue organisation in Atlanta.

It has a ‘no-kill’ policy, which means they never put a healthy animal to sleep just because they can’t find a home for it. Which means they’ve got a lot of furry creatures looking for new places to live.

In order to advertise all these lovely animals that new re-homing, they created a charmingly low-budget advert.

And it is adorable.

It’s a playful parody of local commercials, with a bumbling salesman trying to sell you on cats and dogs.

Picture: Youtube(Youtube)

You like sleepy kitties? We got the kitties you’ve ever seen.

It feels like something from The US Office or Parks & Recreation.

Picture: Youtube(Youtube)

Cats just not doing it for you? Try out this new thing called dogs.

Picture: Youtube(Youtube)

The salesman is played by Paul Preston, who is the brother of one of the volunteers.

Picture: Youtube(Youtube)

Samantha Shelton, a spokesperson for Furkids, told BuzzFeed that the video was shot in the 30 minutes.

Picture: Youtube(Youtube)

If you live in Atlanta, why not check them out?

And if you don’t, there’s sure to be lots of new friends in need of a good home at your local animal rescue centre.

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