People are sharing the most cringe-worthy photos from their youth

Mimi Launder
Tuesday 07 November 2017 14:00
Picture:(Reddit / pudgyllamarider; Reddit / eaglefort91)

​Most of us would rather bury the style disasters of our youth in a deep, dark place never to be found.

But others prefer to share their crimes against fashion with the the entire internet.

Each to their own. We're very grateful.

Here is the best from the most cringe-inducing yet comical corner of Reddit - the Blunder Years subreddit.

When one curly-haired marching band buff just isn't enough.

This guy is on fire.

This look is not okay outside of the Disney Channel.

Smiling takes practice.

You can't unsee those colourful, high-waisted trousers.

The poor girl put so much effort in.

Standing out from the crowd isn't always a good idea.

Enjoy this collage of cringe.

This 12-year-old looks more adult than most adults.

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