People are calling for this Tory MP to resign because her Christmas e-card used Comic Sans

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Thursday 24 December 2015 15:50

Politicians' Christmas cards are a minefield. Everyone knows that.

So hats off to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Theresa Villiers, who hasn't learnt from anyone else's lessons, and just sent out the worst Christmas card of 2015.

Well, we say "card":

Villiers' Christmas message lands her on the naughty list for several reasons, including:

  • It was made using what looks like an old version of Paint. Or maybe Powerpoint. Either way, it's definitely Windows '98

  • Two words: text box

  • Another two words: Clip Art

  • A weirdly sized stock picture of Villiers has been shoved in the top left hand corner

  • Posted on the 24th December, it couldn't be later if it tried

  • It's not actually a real card, it's just a tweet

But the unforgivable sin has got to be the frivolous use of Comic Sans.

Which as we all know, is the devil's font.

Merry Christmas.

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