Photographers reveal their weirdest client moments: ‘I photoshopped a bride’s mum out of a family portrait’

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Friday 17 May 2019 07:45
Picture:(Jessica Kobeissi/YouTube)

Photographers have the unique task of both capturing a memorable moment, and beautifying it.

Which is why it can be a difficult job to juggle a groom’s expectations of his wedding or what a model expects from a shoot, with photographer’s integrity.

YouTuber and professional photographer Jessica Kobeissi recently uploaded a video called Photographer Confessions, where she called upon fellow photographers to share some of their most annoying clients, as well as cheeky things they’ve done to punish them.

Based in Detroit, Jessica told her followers: “As photographers, there’s a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes of a photoshoot not a lot of people know about. But they’re going to know it today."

Here are the best confessions from photographers who had it with their clients:


I sent a clients girlfriend screen shots of when he tried to holla cause he refused to pay me.


I got chased down by a squirrel one time for trying to take picture of it. That s**t scary.


Ok so I was at a shoot at a pond and they had a bridge and I told my model to sit on it and she fell in.


I’ve def cried cause I thought my camera was broken but the battery wasn’t in.


Pretending I’m taking a break while googling how to use equipment at a shoot.


I ghosted a client cause she started offering me escape room vouchers as payment.


I peed in the bushes during a shoot (I had to gooo) and forgot the models things were there.


A bride wanted a full refund because her eye lashes were crooked. I got a new number.


I purposefully left giant pimples on a brides face because she was rushing me for photos.


I’ve gone camping to try astrophotography just to fall asleep through the night.


Every friend ever “we should go take pics!” I’m not your Instagram content creator.


I photoshopped the bride’s mom out of a family picture because she was rude to me.


My ex asked for portraits I took to use on bumble so I liquefied an extra 20 lbs on.

Here, you can watch the entire video below:

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