7 times Piers Morgan was perfectly shut down in 2017

Ryan Butcher@ryanjohnbutcher
Wednesday 27 December 2017 09:45
Pier’s Morgan’s – who else – interview with a ‘gay cure therapist’ is at number one spot with more than 1,000 reports to Ofcom(AFP/Getty)

Our millennial dictionary tells us that to "shut" someone "down" is to prove them wrong or to embarrass them to the extreme.

We guess it's more likely to happen to people who like to talk a lot but have a few controversial opinions.

Cue Piers Morgan then, who's had quite the year when it comes to being "shut down".

We could've written entire books - tomes, even - of all of Piers Morgan's shut downs in the past 12 months, but we have other things to do so we've boiled them down to seven.

A greatest hits, if you will.

We've also decided to keep a running score.

This clash of the titans came when Piers tried to take on Olly Murs for tweeting incorrect information during the Oxford Circus incident, in which crowds were whipped into a mass panic over a suspected 'terror threat' that never was.

Before Piers could deliver another hit to a weakened Murs, James Blunt heroically came to the rescue.


Piers' counter, on the other hand, was less effective. Blunt wins this round.

Piers - 0

Rest of the world - 1

If there's one thing we need to leave behind, it's toxic masculinity. And if you're not quite sure what that is, just take a look at this tweet from 3 September, when Piers took aim at "fragile snowflakes" and used a phrase that hasn't been uttered since we think, the early 1800s - "manning up".

Anyway, Twitter user Helen Birch struck a blow for women and "fragile snowflakes" everywhere with this knockout hit.

Ding. Ding.

Piers - 0

Rest of the world - 2

In May, Piers seemed to reveal that he believed James Bond - the fictional character created in 1953 by Ian Fleming - was a real person.

This one wasn't even funny, it was just a bit concerning.

Piers - 0

Rest of the world - 3

The battlefield for this particular showdown wasn't Twitter, for once, but Piers' home turf of Good Morning Britain.

And the person going head to head with Piers this time? Esteemed journalist and TV presenter Esther Rantzen.

When talking about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Piers claimed that they came from nearby villages in East Sussex and that they were "kind of mates" - although the Duchess would never admit that.

And that's when Rantzen hit back with a jab he never saw coming:

Who would?


Piers - 0

Rest of the world - 4

5. Piers vs the LGBT+ community.

Possibly one of Piers' greatest rivalries - and worst nightmares - this year was the LGBT+ community.

First, he told a non-binary trans couple Fox and Owl on Good Morning Britain that their gender identity was a "fad" and asked if he could identify as a black woman.

Then, he failed to see how irresponsible it was interviewing a gay conversion 'therapist' on Good Morning Britain, not thinking about the damage those views on morning television could have on young LGBT+ people. BuzzFeed's LGBT+ editor Patrick Strudwick appeared on the show a day later to debate the issue with Piers, but Piers ended the interview after Strudwick called him a narcissist.

In an interview with NME, Years & Years frontman OIly Alexander said:

I struggle to describe how horrified I feel about people like Piers Morgan and the damage they're doing.

And then he ranted about gender-neutral clothing before clashing with trans model Munroe Bergdorf for trying to raise awareness of institutionalised racism in the wake of the Charlottesville riots.

We could go on and on but, in short, it wasn't a great year for Piers in the eyes of the queer community.

Let's call that five points just so we can move things along.

Piers - 0

Rest of the world - 9

This particular showdown occurred at GQ's Men of the Year Awards, both men are ardent Arsenal fans.

Corbyn, who was at the awards to present a prize to Stormzy, was allegedly having a conversation with Arsenal wing-back Héctor Bellerín when Piers interrupted.

That was when the Labour leader quickly switched to fluent Spanish to shut Piers out of the conversation.

When Piers asked Mr Corbyn what he'd told Bellerín, he responded:

I told him to please send Arsène Wenger my very best and assure him he continues to have my full support, even if he’s lost yours, Piers.

In fact, particularly because he’s lost yours…

Oh Jeremy Corbyn.

Piers - 0

Rest of the world - 10

And finally...

Alright, credit where credit is due - Piers tried to spread a bit of Christmas cheers in December by turning on the Christmas lights for the people of Stockbridge in Hampshire.

Only problem? The Christmas lights weren't having it.

Losing to Christmas? That's got to be 999,999,989 points against Piers.

So our final scores then...

Piers - 0

Rest of the world - 999,999,999

Let's hope 2018 is better.

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