A fake IRS scam tried to dupe this police officer - but he got the best revenge

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 25 March 2017 15:30
Picture:(Facebook / Eau Claire Police Department)

Kyle Roder recently came across a voicemail message from an unknown number. His suspicions were probably raised immediately because who leaves voicemail anymore?

The caller claimed to be from the IRS (the US’s governmental tax-collector), and said if Roder didn’t call back he’d be arrested.

But bad luck for the scammer: Roder is a policeman, so he returned the call and recorded it. The scammer answered, and said Roder would be arrested after “working hours”.

Roder, from the Eau Claire police department in Wisconsin, US, asked if he could just go to his local IRS office and get it sorted. The man replied:

I’m really sorry to say, but your local office doesn’t have your case file anymore. Your case file has been handed to us because you’re being investigated by our department.

Roder asked if it was a scam, and said the IRS would surely just send a letter instead of calling. The scammer replied:

In some emergency cases we do make phone calls so that we can contact the taxpayer.

Here’s the video, which has been viewed more than five million times:

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