Presenting the world's most creative way to fund a non-profit art blog

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Monday 24 November 2014 18:00

Today in incredible things, we present artists dressing as naked pandas to raise funds for Art F City, a non-profit art blog.

Rollin Leonard, August

Paddy Johnson, Art F City's founder and editor, asked artists to take part in the calendar to help fund the operation. What some of them didn't realise is that they would be posing nude, but Johnson told in all cases "they were totally cool with it, so it all worked out". And hence we have Artists as Pandas in the Nude.

Marc Swanson, December

"I tried to ask people I thought would be into the project and would have a unique look and practice to contribute," she says of the idea. As for why pandas? It was sparked by the blog's love of the Pandacam.

Mike and Claire, March

Johnson now aims to raise $30,000 from the calendars and prints which will help the blog fund overhead costs and allow them to pay staff and contributors to continue their coverage of the art world. To donate and find out more, click here.

Allegra LaViola, January

All images: Rachel Stern. Reproduced with permission.

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