The difference between Barack Obama's vacation and Donald Trump's vacation

Monday 07 August 2017 15:30
Picture:(left: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images, right: Jack Brockway/Virgin)

Presidents have found a variety of ways to escape the stresses of the job.

The Kennedys vacationed at Hammersmith Farm, Rhode Island, Nixon had the 'Winter White House' at San Clemente, California, and the Bushes had the Bush Ranch in Texas.

President George W. Bush takes a break from cedar clearing at his ranch August 9, 2002 in Crawford,Texas.(Picture: Eric Draper/White House/Getty Images)

Even President Bill Clinton liked a little golf.

Farm Neck Golf Club, Martha's Vineyard, 23 August 1999.(Picture: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Image)

President Trump, has repeatedly criticised his predecessor for taking breaks.

Yet since taking office, President Trump has spent an sizeable amount of time at his own golf courses.

At the weekend the President tweeted to say he was doing a 'not on vacation' in Bedminster New Jersey, the site of one of his golf courses.

The optics are not great, especially when this photo of him behind the wheel of a golf cart was leaked.

Since leaving office, President Obama has been photographed on what appears to be permanent vacation.

Anegada, British Virgina Isands. 8 February 2017.(Picture: Jack Brockway/Virgin)

Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland. 26 May 2017.(Picture: Robert Perry/Getty Images)

However, he's left office, while Trump is currently supposed to be running a country.

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