Queen Victoria's underpants sold for £6,000 at auction

Cahal Milmo (edited@ev_bartlett
Sunday 26 October 2014 09:50

A pair of bloomers that belonged to Queen Victoria have been sold for £6,000 at an auction room in Folkestone, Kent.

They were, by any standards very big royal pants. Measuring 52 inches round and accompanied by a 66in chemise that could accommodate the most regal bust.

The pants are understood to have been bought by an Israel-based royal memorabilia collector.

They were certainly some of the strangest items I have sold in 40 years.

I was surprised by the amount of interest. We had telephone bids lining up from America to Israel.

  • Michael Hogben, Westenhanger Auctioneers

There appears to be a growing trend for celebrity under-garments. Elsewhere, the “tighty whities” worn by Walter White character in the Breaking Bad television series sold at auction two weeks ago for $9,900 (£6,180).

Other performers whose scanties have been sold off recently range from Elvis to Michael Jackson.

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