Quiz: Are you a heart or a head person?

Louis Dor
Tuesday 04 August 2015 18:20

Do you think of the self as based in the heart or the brain?

It's been a trope as old as decision-making, as people have queried whether they do what they do for emotional or intellectual reasons.

There may be some truth in the age-old head/heart metaphors, as psychology researchers have found that people who locate their self specifically in their heart or their head behave in different, distinguishable ways in certain situations.

There are certain questions that those who believed they were 'head-located' were more likely to answer a certain way, and vice versa for those who believe they were 'heart-located'.

The researchers concluded that there may be some significance in head-heart metaphors for understanding individual differences in cognition, emotion, and performance.

With this in mind (or in heart) let us try to guess whether you are a head person, or a heart person:

The questions from the quiz were taken from the following:

Q1) Heart-locators were more likely to think of themselves as ‘warm’ people

Q2) Head-locators were more accurate in answering general knowledge questions

Q3) This direct question taken from the study correlated the emotional answers with those who were heart-located

Q4) Females were more likely to be heart-located

Q5) Head-locators were more likely to define death as when the brain stops functions, heart-locators were more likely to point to the heartbeat

Q6) Head-locators were more likely to identify with the terms “me” and “I”

Q7) Heart-locators were more likely to display emotional co-dependence

Q8) Heart-locators were more inclined to enjoy sharing-based activites

Q9) Head-locators exhibited greater antisocial behavior on high provocation days

Q10) Heart-locators experienced greater negative emotion on high stressor days

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