11 thoughts men secretly have at the altar

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Sunday 26 March 2017 14:15
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Marriage. That sweet union between two people, supposed to last an eternity.

"I give them six months."

Married men of reddit have been sharing some of their innermost private thoughts during their wedding ceremony.

Some are hilarious, some are awkward.

Here's a selection:


Please don’t trip.



Thank goodness the sun came out 5 minutes ago or she gonna be MAD.



Where the f--k do I look?



‘Keep your s--t together.’

I failed, by the way - totally bawled through the vows.

Tears of happiness, of course - still going strong 14 years later.



Why did we even wait this long?



I know way too many people here right now that I didn’t know last year, who tf are you all?



Oh my god.......she's more beautiful in this moment that I’ve ever seen her. You're not breathing. You're not breathing. You still aren't breathing.

Ouch, f--k, why does my chest hurt? Holy s--t, there's a huge lump in my throat.

Is that why I can't breathe?? Oh man here she comes.

S--t is getting blurry.....JUST. BREATHE!



‘I'm getting laid tonight!’

So, we both waited for marriage to have sex.



I was trying to think up a dirty joke to whisper that would make her crack up in the middle of the ceremony.



We should have really come to rehearsal.

I am way off cue.



Goddamn she looks good, don't cry bro, don't cry, deep breaths... And for God's sake hide your erection!


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