Someone gave this couple some very NSFW advice on their wedding anniversary

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 24 June 2017 14:45
Picture:(Bliznetsov / iStock)

Forget a new toaster or a tenner towards the honeymoon: one couple have received some very intimate marriage advice from one of their wedding guests – and it outweighs any conventional gift.

reddit user limeandcoconut posted a photo of a jar full of slips of paper, alongside the caption,

Every year on our anniversary we open up a wedding advice submission from the guests that attended. This is the best one yet.

She had picked out a piece of paper, which helpfully advises:

Never stop giving head to each other

She commented below it:

Last year's and the year before we're both "don't go to bed angry". This is our 3rd never go to bed angry. Now this...well I can admit we already follow this advice very um well.

And in response to someone’s comment that it “sounds like Grandma,” she responded:

Could be...his Grandma had 17 children!

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