This restaurant owner responded perfectly to a bad TripAdvisor review

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 09 August 2017 13:30
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Dealing with someone else's negative opinion can be difficult. It can often feel like a personal attack, even when it's meant as constructive criticism. For businesses the stakes are even higher, particularly in the service industry, as negative reviews or feedback can play havoc with your lastin reputation and profits.

Graham, an Australian tourist, left a bad review of the restaurant Eala Bhan in Sligo, Ireland. He said that he and his wife were “extremely disappointed” at the owner’s alleged lack of integrity.

Graham left his coat, with glasses in the pocket, behind by mistake. He wrote:

We only discovered this when we arrived at our next destination, so rang and spoke to the restaurant manager, who confirmed that the jacket was with them.

Graham emailed across his credit card details, so he could cover the cost of the jacket’s shipment back to its owner.

When it did not arrive within a week or so, I re-emailed twice with no response. My wife and I have since returned to Australia, short of one jacket and one pair of glasses.

The manager in question, Anthony, decided to take the time to reply to Graham. He wrote:

Dear Graham,

I never usually respond to reviews but have made a exception in your case.

We are delighted you enjoyed your meal at multi award winning restaurant here in Sligo serving the finest local sourced ingredients on the very edge of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way!

I apologise that you forgot your jacket and glasses while dining with us. 

I apologise that I had not immediately sent your belongings back to Australia. I should have done a Joe ninety on it and hot tailed it up to the local post office and made your jacket a priority but unfortunately these things don't always happen the way you may have planed. I mean I'm only trying to run 2 restaurants in the middle of summer while my manager whom I'm delighted to say is 6 months pregnant but unfortunately is suffering God bless her wee soul and out of work resting which i insisted on!!! 

Having 3 children myself under the age of 10 running around the house like gladiators and tearing to pieces while not going to bed on time, rising like ninjas at dawn I am what you might say just a little tired and a tad busy. I should have pushed this way up my priority list but forgot and while all of this is going I'm very busy busting a gut here and in the UK promoting my beloved Sligo. Why do I do this? I love my town, I love it's people, I love every tourist that graces this beautiful part of the world and provides me and my staff with a living. 

People make mistakes and forget things just like you did with your possessions. But to come on TripAdvisor and review me about my lack of postal skills honesty and integrity beggars belief considering I never laid my mince pies eyes on you ! I mean you are butchering my name insofar as my forgetfulness yet it was your forgetfulness that has us here!!!! POT KETTLE BLACK ( Google it)  finally I just checked the weather forecast in your part of sunny Australia and I reckon you will be fairly safe insofar as your lack of windbreaker......jaysus it's roasting in your spot boi!! You lucky duck!!! 

Your possessions are en route you will be glad to know!!! and as far as my honesty is concerned I'm not even going to charge your credit card for the post furthermore the next time you visit the beautiful Emerald Isle and my County I'll bring you shopping locally for a new Wind breaker as far i see its a bit of a crime against fashion. 

Next time you feel like writing a review for a restaurant try to remember us for our qualities which we provide in the abundance of good locally sourced food wine, atmosphere at least that's what we hear consistently from our customers.

So eventually when it cools down in Australia and you put on your Wind breaker on think of your honesty Irish restauranteur who's full of integrity but you never met and who knows you may even break into a smile and give your face a holiday until then keep her lit . 


Regards and Good day Mate 

Anthony Gray

Well, that's Graham told.

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