Richard Osman's unfortunate slip of the tongue has inspired people to share their most embarrassing faux-pas

Greg Evans
Friday 03 May 2019 06:45
Picture:(Getty Images/iStockphoto/Twitter)

We're all capable of making complete and utter fools of ourselves especially when it comes to unfortunate slips of the tongue.

This includes experienced TV presenters like Richard Osman, who you'll probably recognise from quiz shows like Pointless, as well as producing shows such as 8 out of 10 Cats and Total Wipeout.

In a tweet posted on May 2, 2018, he explained how he once got stuck between two different sentences when talking to some contestants led to an embarrassing moment.

Yeah, that's problematic for more than one reason...

Anyway, this admission from Osman inspired others to share their most unfortunate faux pas, as many of them were utterly excruciating.

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