Woman trades szechuan sauce for her Volkswagen

Mimi Launder
Friday 13 October 2017 12:45
Picture:(YouTube / CC West)

This is the story of how just one 25.5g packet of Szechaun sauce can cause chaos.

For those blissfully unaware, Schezuan sauce was sold as a 1998 promotion by McDonald's and Disney for the movie Mulan.

Almost twenty years later, hit TV show Rick and Morty had the titular Rick let loose a rant about how the show's plot revolved entirely around his need for Szechaun sauce.

So, McDonald's and Rick and Morty decided to do the ultimate fan service, bringing the limited edition sauce back.

But both brands were hit with a barrage of criticism whilst fans queued for hours shouting "Wubba-lubba-dub-dub" - a level of dedication they thought should have been rewarded, yet they were left with nothing.

While minimum wage workers were left to deal with this.

There were a lot of losers in this whole debacle but the few who did win, won big.

When demand outweighs supply this dramatically, there is cash to be made.

And Szechaun sauce is basically a new currency.

Though the exchange rate is yet to settle.

Sometimes, it is worth exactly one 2004 Volkswagen GTI...

...seriously. A car.

According to The Drive, Rachel Marie from Michigan was looking to offload her sauce for some pins, if she was lucky - and then she received a wild offer.

Hopefully Marie doesn't miss her sauce packet too much whilst cruising around with her 1.8-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine.

But is also worth a lot less cash than a car (although still an outrageous amount):

Picture: eBay(ebay)

With a receipt, it rises once again.

Picture: eBay(ebay)

It fares even better in poster form.

Picture: eBay(ebay)

But here's the real question we should be asking...

Is the fabled Szechuan sauce better than real love?

Yes, according to Deadmau5, who nearly derailed his wedding to buy a jug of the stuff.

Though eventually the dance music producer decided his wedding wasn't worth postponing. He did however spend $15,000 on the sauce.

And he gave his fans the greatest gift of all (no, not true love - keep up).

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