Sadly, that three-legged goat story was too good to be true

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 27 January 2015 18:20

A Facebook post where a man claims to have been duped by someone pretending to sell a three-legged Jack Russell when in fact it was actually a goat, sadly turns out to have been a joke (and a stolen one at that).

Andy Lyon's comedic post on Facebook, where he appealed for help after realising his mistake, went viral with many people thinking it was real and he ended up being interviewed by his local paper, the Warrington Guardian.

Although he admitted it was only a joke, saying he had done it to "give everyone else a laugh", it was later discovered that he pinched the gag from comedian Chris Washington who had previously posted it in the HINDLEY BUY SELL SWAP OR GIVE AWAY group.

Writing on Facebook, Washington explained his frustration that, as a writer and comedian, someone would steal a joke without giving him credit.

It's great when [a newspaper] wants to do a story on something funny you've wrote. What isn't great is when you realise that it isn't you that they're giving the credit to but some cheeky cheeky [email protected]~#@rd who copied and pasted it word for word and passed it off as their own.

  • Chris Washington

What might have been even more frustrating was that no one noticed the anagram he'd planted which gave a clue as to its truthfulness - the name of the woman who had pulled the scam was Joy Kinlong - Only Joking anyone?

In fairness to Lyon, he did later confess to having stolen the joke saying he couldn't share the post and had he given credit to Washington it might have been too obvious that it was a joke all along...

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