11 signs you're a good person

Sunday 18 March 2018 16:00
Picture:(Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy / Staff)

Most of us like to think our morality is better than average - but statistics tells us that's impossible.

So, the people of Reddit have come together to devise the ultimate litmus test (kind of) for whether or not you're a good person.

If you tick off some of these signs, chances are you're as good as gold.

1. You go the extra mile to help people

2. You are forgiving

3. You treat everyone the same

4. You're not scared of admitting you're wrong

5. You stand up to bullies

6. You make sure everyone gets heard

7. You are polite

8. You listen to others

9. You don't do it for show

10. You treat people less powerful than you with respect

11. You are the change you want to see in the world

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