Six of the best anti-Isis memes

Friday 27 November 2015 17:10

Warning: Dark humour abounds

Isis has proven itself to be as adept on the conventional battlefield as it has in using social media to spread hatred and its perverse version of Islam.

Their social media tactics thrive upon division, the best medicine for which is, of course, unification.

Sometimes, the internet isn't so good at speaking in one voice - but free speech and humour can still help galvanise people against a common enemy.

So here we present seven of the best memes to take the mickey out of the terrorists - something we can all support (we hope).

1) #AskIslamicState

What better way is there to ridicule an terrorist organisation's social media output than to troll it like any other fame-hungry celebrity's bit of PR.

British stand-up comedian Lee Hurst started the hashtag with a joke tweet to Isis on 22 August 2014, in the style of Twitter Q&A hashtags or Reddit AMAs.

In the following 72 hours, over 40,000 tweets used the hashtag #AskIslamicState in a similar vein.

2) Isis Karaoke

We've mentioned this before, but still.

3) Create the Duck State

We covered this recent phenomenon earlier today, and the full album of images is well worth a browse.

In short, 4chan users have been photoshopping rubber ducks on to Isis fighters to mock them.

It's magnificent, and we can't really explain why.

4) "Daesh bags"

The hacking collective Anonymous began to, on various forums, refer to Isis as "Daesh bags" in early 2015.

Daesh is an adapted acronym of Isis' name in Arabic - Dawlat al-Islamiyah f'al-Iraq w Belaad al-Sham - and is similar to another Arabic word - das - which means 'to trample down' or 'crush'.

The popularity of the phrase escalated following mainstream exposure and Isis attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, to the point that it was used on the front page of the New York Daily News, to report the death of Mohammed Emwazi.

5) Larkhall's town sign

Residents of the Scottish town have stated their policy towards the terrorist organisation in the frankest terms.

Welcome to Larkhall. Except Isis. You twats can f--k off.

There is a caveat to this entry, in that we've yet to see any other towns take up this practice... so far.

6) Ice Cube, Isis fighter

Micky Williams posted two images of the rapper, Ice Cube, to Facebook in September.

Inset on the image were the logos of Britain First and the English Defence League, mocking the usual scare tactics advocated by far-right anti-immigration groups.

The caption read:

This Muslim convert ISIS Soldier is pictured here on a boat crossing from Syria into Greece on 23/08/15. The second picture is the same Muslim convert ISIS Soldier pictured in a block of high rise flats in Balsall Heath, Birmingham on 13/09/15. They're here. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Williams later estimated that a good ten per cent of the tens of thousands who shared and commented upon it, believed it to be genuine.

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