Six of the world's most unlikely statues

Katie Grant@kt_grant
Tuesday 07 October 2014 10:00

A bronze statue of James Herriot has been unveiled in North Yorkshire in honour of the vet and author. These unlikely public figures have also found themselves immortalised thanks to a sculptor’s hands.

Amy Winehouse

Last month a life-size sculpture featuring the late singer’s beehive hairstyle was placed in the heart of Camden in north London, where she used to live.

Desperate Dan

An eight-foot bronze replica of the cartoon character, who appeared in The Dandy from the 1930s, can be found striding down Dundee High Street with his pooch Dawg.

Eleanor Rigby

The subject of the Beatles song can be spotted resting on a Liverpool bench. Created by the entertainer Tommy Steele in 1982, it is dedicated to "all the lonely people."

Diana Dors

The film star, whose career spanned five decades from the 1940s, is remembered by her hometown of Swindon with a statue erected in 1991.

Michael Jackson

The tycoon Mohamed Al-Fayed commissioned a plaster and resin model of his singer friend to stand outside the Fulham FC grounds in London in 2011; it was later moved.

Eric Morcambe

A statue of the comedian, who was also a keen birdwatcher, can be found sporting binoculars in his Lancashire hometown. It was unveiled by the Queen in 1999.

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