Sixteen hacks to get you through summer

Wednesday 23 July 2014 11:10

Save your summer, and save some money in the process.

1. Make ice cubes out of beer

For all the times there is just no... time to put beer in the fridge.

2. Snack bowls made out of crisp packets

Wow (or at least worry) your friends by doing something weird with bags of crisps to turn them into bowls. You'll save on washing up and look cool.

3. Ice, ice bottle

Fill a bottle with just enough water so that it doesn't cover the opening when it is on its side. Fill it up with water once it's frozen and you've got an immediately cold drink.

4. Stay cool at home

Open your windows at night to let the cool air in but close them - and your thick curtains - during the day.

5. Stay cool at home part two

Putting a desk fan behind some ice doesn't sound like it should work, but it does.

6. Avoid drowned phones

Put your smartphone in a sandwich bag and it won't get ruined by sea spray, swimming pools, beer ice cubes, or whatever else the summer throws at it, and you'll still be able to use the touch-screen.


7. Smartphone, smart rice

If the sandwich bag didn't work out for you and your phone still got very wet, don't despair. Don't bother turning the phone off, just take the battery and Sim card out as soon as possible, if possible (sorry iPhone users). Leaving the phone in a bowl of rice overnight gives it a good chance of survival, just remember to not actually cook the rice.

8. Fitted sheets are great for the beach

Stop sand, which is coarse, rough, irritating and gets everywhere, getting, well everywhere, by using a fitted sheet surrounded by everyday beach things.

9. The beach-proof (and sunshine-resistant) wallet

Keep your belongings safe on the beach by opening up and cleaning out a bottle of suntan lotion.

10. Soothe the burn

Now you've squirted out all your sunscreen to keep your phone safe, you'll need to keep aloe vera ice cubes in the freezer - apply liberally to the affected area.

11. Go blonde the natural way

Get natural highlights by washing your hair in lemon juice then heading into the sunshine. The citrusy smell is a bonus.

12. Clean your blender... the natural way

Don't throw away that leftover lemon juice, but put it to good effect by keeping those summer smoothies coming by cleaning your blender with it.

13. Don't throw stones at glass speakers

With your now dry phone, put it in a glass or better yet a paper cup and turn the music up, hey presto, organic speakers.

14. Keep on flip-flopping

A simple bread clip can keep your favourite flip-flops going throughout the summer.

15. Insect bites be gone

Soothe insect bites by applying toothpaste directly to the affected area.

16. Breeze through the airport, don't accessorise

Buying travel accessories at the airport is very much like buying popcorn at the cinema - expensive and probably not tasty either. Save some holiday pocket money by buying them early.