Snape works for American Airlines and here is the proof

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Monday 08 June 2015 10:00

In the last three years several travellers have gone online to note the resemblance an American Airlines employee has to one Severus Snape. The desk worker has even been memed.

Now American Airlines have addressed the mystery, posting a picture of 'Snape' (otherwise known as David Dolci) weilding a wand on their official Facebook page, alongside some laboured Harry Potter puns.

"Severus Snape will assist you in the boarding process for Flight Nine and Three Quarters from LaGuardia to Hogwarts. We’ll be boarding by Sorting House and are expecting a full flight today," the message read. "Our First Class Slytherin passengers can now board the Patronus Jet. Please let our Flight Attendants know if you would like a pre-departure butterbeer. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are welcome to board next.

"Last and certainly least, Gryffindor and Muggles may board."


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