Someone has been bugging John Prescott's car

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Sunday 18 January 2015 14:20

John Prescott is undertaking some detective work after finding that his beloved Jaguar had been bugged with a sound recorder and a tracking device.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the former deputy prime minister revealed he only realised the equipment had been placed under the driver's seat after taking the car to a mechanic.

The mechanic found the six-inch black box hooked up to the car's battery and is believed to be the reason Lord Prescott had been having trouble starting his car.

I’ve been told that whoever knows the SIM card that goes with the tracker can send out a signal and stop the engine.

I suppose you have to hope you’re not on the motorway.

  • Lord Prescott

Although it's not entirely clear when it was placed there or by whom, Lord Prescott is determined to track them down.

The mystery now begins to try and find out what it is. I’ve been watched and tapped in the past – but this is my first case of a tracker in a car.

I can only hope whoever listened to my conversations installed an automatic bleeper too.

  • Lord Prescott

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