Someone tiled their floor with 13,000 pennies and people are very confused

Wil Jones
Wednesday 07 December 2016 10:15

Want to make your floors a bit more interesting?

Well, you could do what this person did. Instead of boring old floor tiles or a carpet, they used 13,000 one-cent coins to cover their floor.

You can scroll the photos of their project below:

People on the internet were impressed. It was a cost-effective way to make a room look unique.

But then some other people started to think - maybe it wasn't all that cheap after all...

But wait, 13,000 pennies isn't actually $13,000, is it....?

It's also not $1,300.

Ok, let's be clear: 13,000 x $0.01 = $130.

We're getting confused now.

Come on people, it's not that complicated! It's 2016, we've all got calculators on our phones!

HT BuzzFeed