Someone tried to incite homophobia on Tumblr and it backfired beautifully

Ellen Stewart
Sunday 22 November 2015 13:30

What happens when you spout homophobic bile on Tumblr? You get shut down by an elaborate sci-fi drama, worthy of its own Hollywood premiere, of course.

That's what happened when one user attempted to incite homophobia with a bizarre likening of sexuality to three remote islands:

Being gay is natural? Okay

You have three islands... The straight island, the gay island, and the lesbian island. The straight island is going to reproduce... The gay and lesbian islands will both wipe out.

This isn't about religion or morals, it's just simple common sense. Being gay is unnatural.

So far, so gosh darn offensive.

However, what happened next completely turned these ridiculous anti-gay sentiments on their so gosh darn offensive head.

A brilliant tale of an "asexual sky nation", floating cities, pansexual love affairs and giant eagles...

As one commenter put it:

[This] nasty-ass post got turned into a goddamn sci-fi dystopian adventure and I'm so here for it.

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