Someone tweeted about taking his '93yr Mum' to vote and got mocked all day

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Thursday 23 June 2016 18:40
Picture: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

One voter shared on Twitter today the heartwarming story of what happened when he took his elderly mother to exercise her democratic right in the EU referendum.

While Keith's pro-Leave anecdote went, as the kids say, a bit viral, unfortunately for him he was also inundated with naysayers accusing him of making it up.

While he tried to defend his mother's honour as best he could, a beacon had been lit.

If you build it, the jokesters will come.

Well done, everyone.

There's even been a cross pollination with one of the other memes born today:

'Keith' is now trending on Twitter, there's a parody account for his mum, and the man in question has written a blog post addressing the trolling he's received since this morning.

What a time to be enfranchised.

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