St Pauls Cathedral starts Twitter war between cathedrals around the country

Louis Dor
Wednesday 04 October 2017 12:45
Picture:(Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Monday, 2 October marked World Architecture Day.

People around the world took to social media to post their best artsy photos of architecture in their home cities, using the hashtag #WorldArchitectureDay.

One interesting thread was instigated by St Paul's Cathedral, who tweeted on the hashtag:

And they weren't prepared for the way all the English cathedrals absolutely piled in:

It's all a bit too much for anyone who's not an architecture buff, and those who don't know their spires from their steeples.

Architecture also brings out all the people who like to tweet about buildings to either prove a) they didn't waste a seven-year university course, or b) they do actually have interesting intellectual hobbies, honestly.

Thankfully, those people were out in abundance on Twitter:

One for the fans, the purists, if we're honest.

World Architecture Day is celebrated on the first Monday of every October and was set up by the Union International des Architects (UIA) in 2005, to:

remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat.

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