It's Christmas so the BBC decided to put two dogs on the news in the same day and now so have we

He's back. Daniel the Spaniel tried to dethrone him, but the original, the king, Bounce is back.

And he's been promoted.

Via Tom Chivers

That's right, the 'spokesdog' is back to report on the news, giving us perspective as to whether dogs can feel empathy...

..but as we all know, that's not the headline here.

For a little while, Bounce refused to put up with any of this...

...but then he was encouraged back to his duties with a few treats and a head tickle.

The public turned on him, cynically...

...but everyone sees his true value...

...and now a rivalry has begun.

What a time to be a dog on BBC News.

Watch Bounce's appearance, below:

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