The boyfriends and girlfriends of Instagram are comparing the brutally different captions they use on couple photos

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 12 October 2017 09:45
Picture:(@bellakoval/Twitter screengrab)

Warning: Beautiful, brutal, and occasionally NSFW sentiments to follow

"Pics or it didn't happen" is a maxim that holds true for love and relationships as well.

Isabella Koval and boyfriend Justin went viral on Sunday, when Isabella shared two screenshots of the same photo.

The photo was basic enough, of a couple attending a game of American football.

The aspect of the screenshots which sparked a flash of 40,000 retweets and an ardent debate about the meanings of love, were the captions used on Isabella's and Justin's respective Instagram accounts.

With the tweet 'My posts vs my boyfriends (-:' Koval sparked a new trend.

Under her version of the photo Koval wrote:

Always a blast w my bff.

By contrast, Justin wrote:

Sitting here trying to explain football to this uncultured swine.

Koval told Buzzfeed that she was shocked by the popularity of her post. According to Koval, 'people are telling me to dump him', but that their friends and immediate social circle find the contrast in captions to be hilarious.

Since Sunday, the post has inspired other couples to share their yin and yang approaches to captioning the same Instagram photo.

'My posts vs my boyfriends'

Her: 'Sean choked on a piece of cheese stuffed crust the other day and almost died, I'm glad he didn't'

Him: 'Mary eats ass'

Her: 'because of you, i smile a little bigger and laugh a little longer'

Him: 'Wizard Kelly and the Sky Hook'

Her: 'Lots of love and Ice cream'

Him: 'Ice cream isn't the only thing that makes her scream'

Her: 'My favorite person'

Him: 'Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli.... Love'

Him: 'I like green and dis boi'

Her: 'Some green sh*t'

Her: 'thanks for being the best date I could've asked for'

Him: 'Meat sticks or nah?'

Ah, comfortable teasing. The ultimate relationship goal.

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