The difference between American and British people, in 11 maps and charts

Louis Dor
Friday 10 June 2016 15:00
Picture: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There are times when our "special relationship" with the US can be extremely stark - just look at how our sports team tackle a 400m reply


However, rather than just flinging stereotypes about, we thought our affiliation with our American cousins deserved a little bit of statistical scrutiny.

As we teeter on the edge of cutting ties with the rest of Europe, there's no better time to count the ways in which we differ with our other closest ally with a few maps and charts - because nothing says diplomatic relations better than a bar chart.

1. We'd elect Hillary in a landslide and we simply don't get why the US likes Trump

2. We like gun control and America doesn't

3. America has had mass shootings in 2016 and the UK hasn't

4. We profoundly disagree on the UK's sexiest accent

5. We're far less religious

6. We're both decreasing Co2 emissions, but the US has a lot further to go

7. You can fit the UK population into America six times

Picture: Reddit/Hormisdas

8. We have 5.73m NFL fans to the US's 115m

Picture: Statista

9. Americans are typically a little bit more heavy-set

10. Generally, the UK votes more for their leader

11. Although there's one thing we definitely have in common

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