This meme from The Grinch is perfect for everyone who hates the holiday season

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Saturday 24 November 2018 12:15
Picture:(Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

Holidays are most certainly coming, but some people will always be Grinches about Christmas.

With that in mind, a four second clip from the fantastic 2000 film How the Grinch Stole Christmas has cropped up online, and thus a new meme has been born.

It looks to have all started when Twitter user @justindoublem tweeted this:

This new meme making the rounds shows the Grinch flailing his arms around and barking at the screen and the results are as hilarious as you'd expect.

"What @realDonaldTrump's phone sees when he's tweeting."

"When you see a bug and you're trying to scare it before it scares you."

"what my laptop webcam sees when i pretend to film a music video at 3 am."

"*me walking past a fence* The dogs behind the fence."

"It don't matter what caption is attached this got me weak."

"What sleep paralysis looks like in December."

The whole thing is, honestly, kind of relatable.

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