The Labour leadership contest brilliantly reimagined as Game of Thrones

Monday 10 August 2015 17:50

Since Ed Miliband's fall as Labour Leader, the candidates vying to replace him have done so in a way reminiscent of a certain TV show called Game of Thrones.

As the party attempts to decide upon a new lady or lord, Twitter user Cool Ed Miliband, to his infinite credit, photoshopped his vision of the Labour Party.

With no further delay, we present you with his vision, the Labour Party as Game of Thrones...

Ed Miliband is Ned Stark

His failure to win the game of thrones led to a power vacuum and the current crisis.

Jeremy Corbyn is Jon Snow

Lord Commander Corbyn was in his study. First Ranger Burnham, First Builder Kendall and First Steward Cooper came in. 'Lord Commander, you should come listen to this wildling, he reckons he's seen Karl Marx - alive.'

Andy Burnham is Tyrion Lannister

Yvette Cooper is Brienne of Tarth

Liz Kendall is Cersei Lannister

Has friends in high places, but the smallfolk hate her.

Tom Watson is Sam Tarly

(We think he would have made a better Tyrion actually...)

David Miliband is Renly Baratheon

Cut down in his prime by his brother.

Peter Mandelson is Varys

Always pulling the strings...

Tony Blair is Tywin Lannister


And finally...

Ed Balls is Hodor

Ed Balls.

With thanks again to @cooledmiliband .

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