The ten bad habits that leave Britons feeling most infuriated

Wednesday 26 November 2014 09:10

Ahead of next week’s Giving Tuesday, the Charities Aid Foundation has uncovered the bad habits that leave Britons feeling far from charitable.

1. Using a disabled parking space despite not being eligible to do so

2. Not giving up a train or bus seat for a pregnant woman or an elderly person

3. Pushing in at a bar or in a queue

4. Walking past someone struggling with a pushchair on the stairs

5. Playing music so loudly that it is audible through headphones

6. Using a family parking space at the supermarket despite being child-free

7. Pressing the buttons to make lift doors close before people can enter

8. Eating someone else’s food from the fridge

9. Putting bags on the train or bus seat so people have to ask to sit down

10. Talking on a mobile phone while at a checkout till

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