The Ukip cookbook is not actually a cookbook but is still hilarious

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Monday 24 November 2014 13:50

Comedy writers Marc Blakewill and James Harris first met in 2000. They have been writing and collaborating ever since, working on shows including Horrible Histories and Russell Howard's Good News.

Their latest effort is a Ukip cookbook, written from the perspective of Nigel Sewage ("you can guess how he likes his name to be pronounced"), a Kent-based little Englander confused about the nation's increasingly exotic cuisine. It's not actually a cookbook, but that somehow makes it more fun.

"No one else had satirised Britain's new political phenomenon in a book (as far as we could tell). And no one had done it via the medium of food", the pair told in a joint interview.

"We wanted the gazpacho-guzzling liberal metropolitan elite to know that it was okay to tuck in to wiener schnitzel. That the guacamole eaters of Clacton and Rochester can come out of the shadows and dip their tortillas with pride."

This is Sewage's verdict on Tiramisu versus Spotted Dick, one of Blakewill's favourites.

We also enjoyed his impression of a Latte, "a glass of hot milk ruined".

And best of all, the verdict on Kippers:

The pair came up with the idea in May and ended up funding it via a Kickstarter after a publisher pulled out. The book is out now and can be bought here.

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