The venue where reviews are funnier than comedy (plus maggots)

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 24 July 2014 15:30
If you're not a fan of Comedy Friday, you can always try Bang Tidy Thursday instead

The audience of a comedy venue were outraged and disgusted in equal measure on Friday night when hordes of maggots (yes, maggots) allegedly fell from the ceiling.

One customer of the Jongleurs night at Nottingham's Oceana, known only as Sean D, explains: "At first I thought the hecklers were throwing them, but then another fell, and on and on it went to the point where the comic asked if anything could be done to stop it happening.

"He was told to carry on, but the maggots kept dropping so he walked off and they called a break," he told Chortle.

They moved the audience back to other tables and gave us a cheap bottle of perry wine... Lambrini basically

  • Sean D

Another customer, also called Sean, left this review on TripAdvisor:

LouiseV3 went into slightly more detail on her TripAdvisor review: "It seemed like we were waiting forever to even watch the comedy act and seems drastic that the doors open 2 hours before hand, to sit down and basically wait for the show to start.

"When the show did finally start, people in the audience were just rude and abusive to the presenter on stage. Then during the first act, unbelievably something small fell from the ceiling..."

It was small, breathing and live maggots falling into the laps of the audience!!! This absolutely disgusted us knowing we had just eaten a meal here.

  • LouiseV3

A spokeswoman for Jongleurs explained to the Nottingham Post that a bird squeezed through a gap in the air conditioning system and was to blame for the maggots.

"We accept there was a minor issue with the air conditioning, which was completely out of our control, and has since been rectified.

"However, we would like to stress that the vast majority of the audience enjoyed the evening and stayed for the duration of the show."

Bad. Awful. Dreadful. I'm still not sure it was real?

  • SDThorne

Another TripAdvisor reviewer who visited earlier this month explained his experience thus: "I'd have had a more amusing night if I'd spent £1 on some cheap Christmas crackers and sat in a cold bath reading the free jokes, whilst my partner poked me in the arm with a sharpened pencil as she endlessly shouted 'you're not in the home of comedy...'"

On its website, Oceana club in Nottingham describes its venue as "Six themed rooms, two nightclubs, and four bars all under one roof - 'the world in one night'. Escape to the multi-award winning Oceana and let us take you on a journey 'around the world'."

There are still some tickets available for the Jongleurs event on Friday evening.