The world's number one male escort reveals the weirdest thing he's been asked to do

Monday 24 October 2016 14:45
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Warning: This post is obviously completely NSFW.

You probably haven't experienced this.

A male sex worker has opened up on reddit, discussing what his work life is like.

He was asked if there was anything he would refuse to do:

I don't kiss, rim, bareback, use drugs, do duos with male escorts or do anything as a sub. I've outright refused to see people for being pushy about any of the above, if they're drunk or high and a few times when they've arrived at my place dirty and smelly and refused to shower. None of the above happens often. Just a few times in the entire time I've been escorting.

He was also asked the following:

What is the craziest request that someone has made?

His reply?

I used to have a regular who was into ballbusting. He'd arrive and with very little chit chat etc take of his jeans but leave his underwear and the rest of his clothes on and stand with his feet shoulder width apart and his hands behind his back and I'd stand in front of him fully dressed with my shoes on and kick him repeatedly in the balls. I've been doing martial arts since I was a kid. Taekwondo for 10 years.


And I lived in Thailand for a few years and trained full time at a thai boxing gym and fought professionally. I can kick hard. Anyway, he could take it.

If you were wondering what makes him number one, it's not just the power of his kicks.

If you do a google search for 'male escort' my website is the first result for an independent. I got my search ranking by the usual SEO stuff. Mainly from regularly updating my blog with quality content. 'Number one' is very subjective in any other sense but I get a lot of comments along the lines of "you're very relaxing/calming to be around/I was nervous but felt at ease straight away when I met you" etc. I'm very professional, I don't use drugs.

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