There's now a campaign calling for London's independence

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 24 June 2016 07:20

It's done. The Leave campaign has secured a historic victory against the odds and Britain's membership of the European Union will soon be over. Brexit is a reality.

While there have been joyous scenes across wide parts of the country - including in a mile-wide radius around the gleaming face of Nigel Farage - there have been despondent scenes elsewhere.

As well as every single district in Scotland voting in favour of staying in the EU, Londoners overwhelmingly voted for Remain too.

Which has sparked mild panic

Angry maps

And of course, calls to 'take back control'

Amid the chaos, a new independence party has been formed

It has a familiar colour scheme...

A new leader

Which, er, might not be the greatest idea...

Which has led to arguably even worse ideas...

There are some interesting policy ideas

A new currency

There might even be new union with Scotland

And with Brighton

There's even a bloody hashtag

Speaking to indy100, the movement's anonymous founder explained

I was bored at 1am, and the initial signs looked like it would be London vs the rest of the country.

Then things took a bit of a serious turn at around 4.30am

But perhaps there's a genuine point to be made. While Scotland might be able to vote for independence, Londoners won't be so lucky

London is going to be angry. Scotland can (and probably will) do something about it and split. Londoners will feel powerless about something they didn't vote for.

What started as a joke, suddenly feels more serious

A bit of me does feel uncomfortable taking the piss out of Brexit though, when it's so important. Feels a bit like it's all fun and games until the racists win.

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