There's now an actual EU superhero to combat Nigel Farage

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Tuesday 18 November 2014 18:40

Meet Captain Euro, the superhero of the European Union. Really.

His aim is to respond to the rise of euroscepticism and keep Europe united (really!).

Real-name Adam Andros, Captain Euro doesn't have any super powers per se, apart from of course his "near superhuman powers of persuasion and ability with languages".

According to his official website, he uses "the power of the intellect, strategy and common sense to solve humanity's problems and defeat Europe's adversaries".


Captain Euro first emerged in the 1990s to promote the euro, the brainchild of Brand EU - an independent initiative to develop a brand for the European Union - and thinktank Gold Mercury International.

Decades later, he's now being relaunched amid rising euroscepticism.

"When we launched Captain Euro in 1990s to foster a European identity, it was an instant media success despite the lack of internet access at the time," said Nicolas De Santis, president of Gold Mercury International, and creator of Captain Euro.

"Europe is a very different place now. Together we are one of the world's strongest powers. Separately, we amount to far less in this newly globalised world, where size is everything. Armed with this knowledge, Captain Euro will continue on his heroic mission to promote the values of a united EU which we all share: peace, solidarity and sustainability."

Captain Euro's mission is relatively simple, namely raising awareness of critical global issues, but he is also tasked with "exposing and criticising areas which lack effective global governance, or systems with excess bureaucracy; particularly in the context of contemporary national, European and global politics".

When world leaders want advice and wisdom about EU and global affairs, they come to Captain Euro.

  • Unsubstantiated claim on Captain Euro's website

You can follow the adventures of Captain Euro and his sidekicks (Europa, environmentalist; Marcus, programming genius; Helen, governance expert; Erik, tech specialist; Pythagoras, an AI; and Lupo, um, a wolf) through comic strips uploaded on to his website.

In one he imparts his wisdom on federalism to David Cameron, but he also has words of advice for Angela Merkel and 'busts the myth' of the UK following Norway's approach to the EU.

Oh and of course all superheroes need a supervillain to battle, and Captain Euro's is Dr Dexter Viderus (Dr D Vider), who wants to divide and destroy Europe for his own personal gain.


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