Theresa May is being roundly criticised for her scone recipe

Louis Dor
Sunday 02 October 2016 15:45

In an expansive interview with the Sunday Times, prime minister Theresa May has revealed her grandmother's scone recipe, alongside a conversation about her appreciation of The Great British Bake-Off.

There was also some stuff about Brexit, but we're focussing on scones for the moment.

The recipe was as follows:

Eight ounces self-raising flour, 1½ oz butter or margarine, one ounce caster sugar, milk to bind. Rub the fat into flour.

When mixture resembles breadcrumbs, stir in sugar.

Bind with milk to a dough.

Roll out and cut into preferred shape.

Place on a greased baking sheet and cook in a very hot oven for around eight minutes.

Since then, baker Dan Lepard told the Guardian that the recipe showed "no sense of generosity or helpfulness" while the Guardian's food writer Felicity Cloake said the recipe would leave you with scones “as dry as dust”.

The prime minister, who said she now bakes less often due to her diabetes (and the whole 'running the country' thing), also received a bit of a backlash on Twitter for the recipe:

What it boils down to is essentially the question:

Is it butter or margarine, Theresa?

We're told 'butter' means 'butter'.

The complaints were, despite the butter and margarine debacle, mostly about why the interview required a scones recipe:

To be honest, we'd rather have a clear recipe for Brexit.

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