These are the most ridiculous royal baby PR tie-ins

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Friday 01 May 2015 01:00

This will be updated with more examples as we wait for the baby's arrival.


Because nothing says 'newborn baby' like alcohol. London bar The Rib Room is offering two limited-edition cocktails in honour of the royal baby: The Heir, named after Prince George and The Spare, named after the new baby. As they say in the press release, the drinks are "royally affordable" at just £15 each.

A personalised royal baby biscuit tin

Biscuiteers will provide their hand-illustrated collector tin featuring 16 vanilla-flavoured biscuits for just 43.50 of your hard-earned pounds. The collection features babygrow, rattle and rocking horse-shaped biscuits as well as a biscuit-shaped bottle of champagne with the label '2015'. That's only £2.70 a biscuit.

Breast milk ice cream

Sorry if this ruins ice cream for you forever. It is made by The Lickators from donated breast milk.

Your very own finger-crown

What better way to celebrate the royal birth than with a finger-crown (also known as a ring) from Troll Beads? As they put it, it's "a miniature crown for your finger. A symbol of your dominion over your own life".

A special cot

Only £949. Thank you,

A baby charm

This speaks for itself.

Free nappies

In America, if your baby is born on the same day as the new Royal Baby Huggies is offering a week's worth of free nappies. If only we'd known about this nine months ago.

Abandoned kittens

Will the royal baby be a boy or a girl? Battersea Dogs and Cats Home note that 60 per cent of newborn kittens at their London cattery have been male - making it a "sure thing" that the baby will also be a boy. No, we don't get the logic either. And while we might think the tie-in is ridiculous, it's definitely worth adopting an abandoned animal.

This confusingly-titled book

The First Photo of The Royal Baby is actually a children's book about the royal baby's first photo - and everyone in the palace trying to make them smile. As the publisher puts it: "This fun book will offer parents a chance to talk with children about their very own "first photo" experience. Plus, there is a lesson to be had..."

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